A Monthly Gift Begins a Journey to a Great Future for Local Youth

Every day after school, our Clubs welcome Members into a safe, supportive and caring environment. From sports, games, reading, homework help and more, our staff works tirelessly to create the enriching Club experience we’re famous for while delivering on our mission to create Great Futures for our members. 

During the summer months and over holiday breaks, we open early and close late, creating enriching all-day programs and memories for our Members while freeing parents and guardians to go to work confident that their children are in good hands and having fun. Right now, outside my office at our Railroad Clubhouse, there are dozens of children playing basketball, foosball, billiards, and ping pong. Others have their noses buried in books, while others still are drawing, painting and creating art and other crafts.

One thing is consistent among all of these members, each wears a big smile on their face and laughs with ease… A laugh that only comes from feeling happy, safe and welcomed by peers. The Boys and Girls Club is constantly looking toward the future, constantly looking to create the best possible outcomes for our members. But these Great Futures are only possible because of the great experiences enjoyed at our Clubs. 

A part of our mission statement that always sticks with me is that we aim to be a resource for all local children, but especially those that need us most! To make this mission a reality, our cost for membership is among the lowest of all afterschool programs anywhere. In fact, a year’s membership at one of our clubs costs less than a single day of childcare at many other programs in our region.  

As low as our fees might be, there are still times when families need additional help to afford sending their children to our Clubs. With your help, we can make sure that every child that needs us has a spot in our Clubs. Our Club 66 recurring gift program is the easiest way to make an instant effect. With a commitment of just $66 per month a one year Club 66 pledge can cover the membership fees of more than 15 local youth! ANY amount per month is just as important and the sustainability of a committed donated stream helps ensure we never have to turn a child away due to inability to pay.  

This summer, we are driving hard to help as many members as possible when the new school year begins. Our goal is to bring in 66 new Club 66 Donors before September. Sixty-six new donors will allow us to support over 1,000 memberships, buy supplies, and grow our staff to serve even more youth in the months and years to come.

Will you join me on the road to Great Futures and make your Club 66 pledge today?

–Daniel Rushing

Annual Fund Manager and Club 66 Coordinator

p.s. If I can answer any questions or give you a tour of any of our 16 Clubs, just ask!