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Building Pillars in Our Communities


90% of Club teens expect to graduate from high school


85% of teenage Club members expect to complete some kind of post-secondary education


57% of Alumni say the club saved my life


86% of all Club Members report that they can stand up for what they think is right, even if their friends disagree.

What's up at our Clubs?

Black History Month at Tom Maas

February 1st – March 1st is Black History Month. During this month, we celebrate achievements and contributions and the rich history of African Americans. At

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Slime and Smiles!

On President’s Day, Monday, February 19, the Shandon Site was open from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. With a total of about 6/7 Members, we

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Fun Fridays at the Creston Club

Fun Fridays at the Creston Boys and Girls Club consist of many exciting activities.  For starters, the Members get outside play which can involve interactive

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Atascadero Art Program

For the last couple of months our YDP, Autumn, has been running our art program with members from all grade levels. Our members create art

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Kids Cooking Champs!

The next Gordan Ramsey might be getting his or her start at the Tom Maas Clubhouse in Paso Robles!  Our wonderful kitchen and teaching space

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About Us

Opening Doors to Opportunity

Every kid deserves a place. A place to feel safe. A place to feel connected. A place to belong. Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast provides such places – where kids can go after school and during the summer to grow beyond the classroom. Since the first doors opened in 1966 Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast has a strong reputation for providing safe, educational, and fun programs for local youth between the ages of 6-18. What started as one building—the flagship Railroad site in Santa Maria—has now expanded to two counties and 22 Clubs, with more than 2,700 registered youth members. Through outreach, including sponsored arts and sports programs, Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast benefits an additional 4,000 local children each year. We believe every kid has what it takes. The mission and core values of Boys & Girls Clubs fuel our commitment to promoting safe, positive and inclusive environments for all. Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast supports all youth and teens – of every race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic status, and religion – in reaching their full potential.


At Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast, there is nothing more important than the safety of our youth members. We work every day to create a safe, fun environment, so kids can have every opportunity to be successful in life. We offer safe, inclusive spaces and experiences that empower members’ learning and growth. Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast continually updates and innovates robust safety policies, programs and training for our Club staff and volunteers that are designed to protect young people from threats that are present in our society. 

Join Today

Join us in opening doors of opportunity and creating great future. For more than 55 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast have changed and saved young lives during the out-of-school time. We want every child on the Central Coast to be in a safe, constructive environment when they are not at home or in school. We provide that safe haven for thousands of Central Coast youth every year, but there are thousands more who need it, and we can’t do it alone.
Every day, 11.3 million kids and teens leave school with no place to go.

Your gift today can help change a child's future.