Health & Wellness


SMART Girls is a small-group health, fitness,  prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the developmental needs of girls in three age groups. Through dynamic sessions, highly participatory activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities with adult women, Club girls explore their own and societal attitudes and values as they build skills for eating right, staying physically fit, getting good health care and developing positive relationships with peers and adults.


The program now introduces a health promotion approach to support healthy decision-making. Many health programs only identify and address risk and protective factors that are most associated with a young person’s ability to avoid risky behavior; typically framed as health prevention. This version of SMART Moves utilizes a health promotion approach, which is focused on building youth’s attitudes and skills that support healthy decision-making. It is asset based, focused on building foundational social-emotional skills, and address youth’s agency in healthy decision-making.

Road Code

To teach teens about the leading risks for teen drivers and specific driving techniques to keep them safe while behind the wheel and as passengers. UPS Road Code focuses on different safety principles throughout the program, from basic instruction to the consequences of risky behaviors such as talking on cell phones, texting or drinking while driving. During the program, teens learn safe driving skills and practice the skills on a driving simulator. The driving simulator features a computer screen that serves as a windshield to the program’s interactive animation, a steering wheel, and life-like gas and brake pedals. Road Code is targeted towards teens ages 13-18, both Boys & Girls Club members and non-members