Leadership & Service

Keystone Club

Keystone promote character and leadership qualities among Club teens. Keystone provides awareness and impact in the areas of community service, academic success, career preparation and teen outreach, the four focus areas of Keystoning. The cultivation of good character and effective leadership supports the development of productive, responsible and caring citizens. It also fosters lifelong civic engagement, high school graduation, and broader employment opportunities for our nation’s teens. Keystone is for members Boys & Girls Club members ages 14-to-18.

Torch Club

Torch Club is a club within the Club that focuses on youth leadership and service. Each Torch Club has between 6-15 members of youth ages 10-13 who participate in service experiences and projects developed and implemented by Torch Club members themselves. The overarching purpose of Torch Club is to foster in youth the ability, confidence and motivation they need in order to lead meaningful change in themselves, with others, and in their communities. Through the youth led, small-group club structure, members gain first-hand experience in leadership and service as they work together toward a shared goal.

Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year is Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premiere youth leadership program, honoring extraordinary young people and their achievements in leadership, service, academics excellence and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle. The National Youth of the Year title is the most prestigious honor bestowed upon a young person, representing the voice of 4.7 million Boys & Girls Club youth.