Almond Acres Club Has Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening

On March 16th, a beautiful day in Paso Robles, California, community members, donors, and children gathered to celebrate the opening of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast Clubhouse at Almond Acres Charter School. The event was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony, signifying the official opening of the new clubhouse and a new chapter for the children of the community.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast has been a pillar of the community, providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and thrive. The new Club is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the community to provide the best opportunities for its youth and marks a great partnership between the organization and the staff and board of Almond Acres School. 

The ceremony was attended by a wide range of community members, including local officials, business leaders, and residents. The children of the Almond Acres Club were also in attendance, eager to offer tours to all of the adult attendees.

The ceremony began with a few words from Michael Boyer, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast who thanked the community for their support in making the new clubhouse a reality. He highlighted the critical role that the Boys & Girls Clubs play in the community, providing a safe and supportive environment for children to learn and grow.

Mr. Boyer was followed by Leo Castillo, Head of Security and Facilities for the charter school, as well as a board member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast.  He shared his gratitude for being able to offer great programs for his students and also shared how wonderful it is for students to stay on site after their school day.  He said it was a responsible and cost efficient use of space and makes it easy for working parents.  Gina Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Paso Robles/Templeton Chamber of Commerce followed Mr. Castillo and she presented the Club with a certificate of recognition and then Rachel Dann, representing Congressperson Jimmy Panetta, presented the organization with a congressional recognition.  Mina Donkor, Area Director for the Northern San Luis Obispo County Region of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast and Brenna Collins, Director of the Almond Acres Club received these honors. 

Finally, it was time for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The children of the Almond Acres Boys & Girls Clubs eagerly gathered around along with community members and the blue ribbon was cut with giant scissors by the Club Members.   There were cheers and applause as the ribbon fell to the ground, symbolically recognizing the opening of the new Club.  This Club is the third Club operating in Paso Robles, is the only one operating on the East side of the community and has been serving students after school since February 1st.  The program currently has over 70 children participating in the program daily.