Boys & Girls Clubs Kicks Off Annual Review By Our Members

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America have always been committed to ensuring that their members have the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in life. To further this mission, the organization created the National Youth Outcomes Initiative (NYOI) in 2001.

The NYOI is a comprehensive program that assesses the impact of Boys & Girls Clubs programs on young people. Club Members ages 9+ spend some time every year going through an online survey where they score their Club experience on five core areas of youth development: academic success, good character and citizenship, healthy lifestyles, leadership, and career readiness.  BGCMCC kicked off this annual scoring opportunity on Feb 21 at all of our Club sites.  Club Members, their parents, and all Club staff have a month to take the surveys. 

By measuring these outcomes, the NYOI provides the Boys & Girls Clubs with a clear understanding of how their programs are benefiting their members. It allows the organization to identify areas where they can improve their programs and develop new strategies to help young people achieve their goals.

The NYOI is also used to demonstrate the impact of Boys & Girls Clubs programs to stakeholders, including funders and supporters. The data collected through the initiative is used to show the positive impact the organization is having on young people in communities across the country.

The NYOI has had a significant impact on the Boys & Girls Clubs of America since its inception. The initiative has allowed the organization to develop evidence-based programs that are tailored to the specific needs of their members. It has also helped the organization to identify and address disparities in outcomes for different groups of young people.

For example, the NYOI has shown that girls are less likely than boys to report feeling safe in their communities. In response, the Boys & Girls Clubs have developed programs specifically aimed at building confidence and resilience in young girls.

The NYOI has also helped the organization to identify best practices in youth development. For example, the initiative has shown that programs that incorporate mentoring and positive adult relationships are more effective in promoting academic success and healthy lifestyles than those that do not.

In conclusion, the Boys & Girls Clubs National Youth Outcomes Initiative is a powerful tool for promoting positive outcomes for young people. By measuring the impact of their programs on academic success, good character and citizenship, healthy lifestyles, leadership, and career readiness, the initiative allows the organization to continuously improve its services and demonstrate its impact to stakeholders. Through the NYOI, the Boys & Girls Clubs are helping to build a brighter future for young people across America.