Building Bridges in Guadalupe

Teen Services Director, Jeanette Blanco recently visited the McKenzie Club to conduct a captivating STEAM activity that involved building bridges capable of withstanding pressure. The students, organized into groups of three, eagerly awaited the challenge.

Within the given time frame of two minutes, the teams had to sketch out their bridge designs, followed by 15 minutes to bring their creations to life. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and the students were ready to showcase their skills and compete against one another. As each group presented their bridges, an unexpected twist emerged – a tie between the two teams.

Team 1, consisting of Kimberly Sanchez, Jacob Bribiesca, and Emma Contreras, had constructed a bridge that impressively held up to 12 coasters. Team 2, comprising of Urquidez Rivera, Juve De La Cruz, and Odail Mejia, matched their feat with an equally robust bridge. To break the deadlock, both teams were challenged to build a paper tower in just 3 minutes.

The suspense was palpable, and as the timer ran out, it was revealed that Team 1, comprised of Kimberly, Jacob, and Emma, emerged as the victors. Their tower stood tall and sturdy, securing them the top spot. The students at McKenzie were thrilled by the exciting competition and grateful for Jeanette’s engaging presence and activities.
Jeanette’s visit not only sparked the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm but also fostered teamwork and problem-solving skills. Her dedication to providing interactive and educational experiences left a lasting impression on the students, who were left inspired and motivated to explore the realms of STEAM further.