Calm Corner Prioritizes Emotional Wellness

In our Clubs’ ongoing efforts to incorporate the training our staff recieves in mental health wellness and trauma-informed care, staff at our Railroad Clubhouse have created a great, new “Calm Corner.”  Understanding that sometimes we all need to take a break and check in with ourselves, this corner offers a place of quiet and respite where Club members can take a moment to reflect on their feelings, get their emotions under control and re-balance themselves. 

Spending time in the Calm Corner is a choice a Member can make at any time and is also a great way for staff to see that a Member might be having a tough time and can use a check in from a caring adult.  Great books are available to flip through along with some simple activities that can help Club Members self-regulate. 

A commitment to youth mental and emotional health is a huge part of the health and safety fundamentals at all of our Club sites.