CATCH at the Shandon Club!

During the month of November, all Shandon Club Members participated in the physical activity sessions prepared through CATCH. CATCH is a curriculum based on scientific research and evidence designed to support and encourage physical activity for students of all ages and fitness levels. Maritza, a health education specialist, coordinated and led the hula-hoop sessions into teams with the Members. The purpose of this activity was to encourage children to have fun and engage in moderate physical activity while spending time with friends, both during organized activities and recreational time. In addition to physical health, CATCH can also promote social and emotional development by encouraging teamwork, cooperation, and positive social interactions through group activities, like the one practiced at the Shandon Club! The Members absolutely enjoyed it! This program uses fun and interactive methods to teach children about health. Activities and games definitely make the learning process enjoyable and memorable for kids of all ages! The Shandon Members look forward to having Mrs. Maritza back at the club in December!