Celebrating our Staff During Boys & Girls Clubs Week

On day three of National Boys & Girls Clubs Week, we know that our Members walk the road to their great futures with a devoted Youth Development Professional (YDP) by their side.  The training and commitment staff make to the positive futures for the children they work with is the reason that our programs and Club Membership are touted as so successful.  Club Members are not just in a building–they are part of a movement, a movement that encourages healthy relationships, a commitment to mental and emotional health, and learning from mentors and compassionate caregivers.  

Our Team at Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast is a diverse and enthusiastic group of professionals who develop and lead programs for all age groups, focus on their strenghts and the strengths of our Members, while always being committed to lifelong learning and improvement.  When we say “this is where the fun stuff happens,” we know that the relationships Club Members build with the YDP’s they are closest to, is the funnest stuff we offer.