Cookies & Kids Kicks Off in Santa Maria

The newest, in-person mentorship programming to come to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast kicked off in Santa Maria with a Valentines theme.  “Cookies & Kids” is a program that has been two years in the making.  “Club Members spending quality time with adults in our community who care about them is a fundamental part of the Boys & Girls Club Experience.  We wanted a simple, low pressure way for community members and people who care about the Boys & Girls Clubs to participate in fun, easy activities with our kids and show that mentorship doesn’t have to be complicated:  a little time and attention can mean a lot to all kids,” shares Kathyrn Scott, Director of Events for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast and the person who dreamed up the “Cookies & Kids” concept.  After two years of covid protocols, the Club was finally able to bring Kathyrn’s programming vision to life.

With a fun Valentines Day puppet-making activity, a chance to color and create together, this naturally led to some pretend play with puppets and some opportunities to talk and learn from each other.  Children in the 6-7 year old pod enjoyed the company of a diverse group of adults who support the Boys & Girls Clubs or were interested in learning more about how they could help.  

“Cookies & Kids” will be held twice a quarter in 2022 (Covid protocols allowing) at the Railroad Clubhouse in Santa Maria, the Flamson or the Tom Maas Clubhouses in Paso Robles.   If you are interested in an invitation to the next event, please contact Dan Rushing, Annual Fund Manager.