Dignity Health Commits To Donating AED’S For All Club Sites

Thanks to a three-year commitment from Dignity Health, all the Club sites within the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast family will have new, state of the art Automated External Defibrillator–AED–units.  With health and safety being a priority for BGCMCC and Dignity Health, it is a perfect partnership that helps keep our Central Coast community healthy and with access to needed medical equipment.  Children, parents, and community members use Boys & Girls Club sites; ensuring that staff can respond to cardiac trauma quickly and with the necessary equipment provides peace of mind to AED-trained team members that they can provide the necessary care to all those that enter our doors. In addition to the AED units, Dignity Health will provide training to staff in proper use of the new equipment.  “Marian Regional Medical Center is proud to support the community and partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mid Central Coast to provide a safe environment for children and their families,” says Marian Regional Medical Center President and CEO, Sue Andersen. “Sudden cardiac arrest is among the leading causes of death in the United States, and these AED units are easy to use, and can provide care to those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share this life-saving technology.”

Dignity Health will use their contacts and buying power to source the AEDs on behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs and will purchase at least five units per year until all Clubs, current as well as Clubs opening in the coming years, are well supplied with the equipment. Currently, newer Club sites are without AED units, and Clubs at school-based sites have limited access only during school office hours.  Since many of our Boys & Girls Club sites are in underserved areas, the AED units will be placed in a national database of AED units so members and businesses in the local neighborhoods will have access to them should the need arise.