Driving to the Future With Club 66

It takes all kinds of donations to keep the Boys and Girls Club of Mid Central Coast driving toward a better future for local youth, especially those who need us most. Volunteering, mentorship, one-time donations, and event sponsorships are just a few of the ways our community helps us support the future of our Club and the Members we serve. For just a few dollars a month, our donors can invest in the future growth and mission of our Club by becoming members of “Club 66”.

Named in honor of our first club opening its doors in 1966, and bringing to mind US Route 66 and the endless potential the future holds, Club 66 members are committed to our Club’s path. Club 66 members select a monthly amount, be it $66 to commemorate our inaugural year, $100, or even $10 or $20 per month–whatever a donor’s budget allows. These regular donations help the Club plan and budget for the future while making sure we have the resources available to serve any child that needs us.

Mike and Teresa McGarvey of North County SLO are among our current Club 66 members. Years ago, they chose to make sure their charitable donations would be given to an organization that keeps its funds in the community and strives to provide positive role models, emotional support and great futures for our region’s youth. Since then, they have pledged a monthly donation to the Club, which they renew each year. 

Teresa McGarvey said, “We saw that we were donating to several organizations outside of our community, and didn’t really know who our contributions were serving. That’s when we started a recurring gift to the Club. Recurring gifts help the Club budget, plan, and make the best use of our donations, helping ensure the best possible outcomes for our region’s youth.”

Club 66 is about community… a community of donors, neighbors and friends who support our mission and want to see its continued success. To further that theme, we will be hosting our first annual Club 66 Social this coming May. It will give our sustaining members a chance to make new friends, connections, and share a bit about why supporting our Club is important to them. Location and time will be announced in the coming weeks… though it looks like it’s going to be a very special afternoon!  To learn more about the Spring club 66 Social, contact Dan Rushing, Annual Fund Manager or call  805-441-0325.