Flamson Clubhouse Members Take On The National Youth Outcome Initiative

NYOI is HERE! Our Club Members at the Flamson Club, are working on our National Youth Outcome Initiative, a survey experience for our  Members age 9 and up.  Offered annually every Spring, the purpose of the survey to to gauge the member’s feelings and experiences at the Club.  All of our Clubs offer this survey to members over the course of a number of weeks. In the end, each club will get the results produced by our members. The data will be dissected into tangible reflection. The numbers will guide staff and organization leadership to any improvements we may need to address. The scores are categorized into our 5 key elements: Fun, A Safe Positive Environment, Supportive Relationships, Opportunities & Expectations, and Recognition, along with other measures.

Pictured are Lainey and Koen who are engaged in taking our survey in which they had a good overall attitude towards it. Along with other members, we at the Flamson Club made it a goal to reach 50 members to venture on this experience. If 50 Members complete the survey then those who participated in the survey earn a Pizza Party! We greatly appreciate feedback form our members and can’t wait for next year!