Flamson Members Participate in Cookies with Kids

Members along with community members shared an activity that supports our Healthy Lifestyles programming involving a mystery box with various fruits, and vegetables. Those with a magic touch and great feel have to guess what they are holding. In the end cookies for everyone!

Cookies & Kids came back to Flamson! This second installment  featured a nutrition theme.  Dan Rushing, our Annual Fund Manager arranges Cookies & Kids to engage anyone interested in learning more about The Boys & Girls Clubs.  This session, local city counsel representatives, and other community members participated. The activities allow adults  to get a feel for what The Movement is all about. The community members have the opportunity to talk and interact with the youth and staff that make the club what it is. It is with their help that we get to continue our mission at the Boys & Girls Clubs. Dan’s commitment to put ourselves out there is second to none and if you are interesting in getting involved with the next Cookies & Kids, contact Dan Rushing .