Four Community Leaders Join Board Of Directors During Period of Major Strategic Growth

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast is advancing its mission to serve all local youth by finding and accepting many opportunities for significant growth on the Central Coast.  In order to be as successful as possible, the Board of Directors has tapped four community leaders who are eager to be part of the growth and opportunities in front of the organization.  Leo Castillo, school administrator from Paso Robles, Carlos Escobedo, Santa Maria City Councilperson, Phil Hansen, former Santa Maria Police Chief and Chad Jordan, social media guru from Orcutt, have joined the Board of Directors beginning with the July 2022 board meeting.  With their support, guidance and influence, along with the dedicated leadership of the existing board of directors, the organization has expanded to  operate 22 Clubs on the Central Coast and has increased its budget to $5.4 million annually.  This brings the current board of directors to a total of 20 members.  

Leo Castillo is a 22-year veteran of the Army, with his last posting being with the National Guard station on the Central Coast.  After retiring from the Army, he is currently the Disciplinarian/Safety and Facilities Coordinator at Almond Acres Charter School in Paso Robles where he and his family also live.  Leo served as military liaison to a number of local nonprofits and was a board president of the Paso Robles Youth Center where his appreciation for the Boys & Girls Clubs first developed.   Leo’s passion for the Boys & Girls Club comes from his experience as a parent who benefits from sending his children to the Club. After losing his son Logan Castillo to cancer the Boys & Girls Club staff who knew Logan “rallied the troops” and sent care packages, cards, notes, and support before, during, and after his passing.   He shares, “The Boys & Girls Club has my heart because they took care of my kiddos hearts through a very difficult time. This place isn’t just an after-school program, or a daycare, it’s more like family”. 

Carlos Escobedo serves as Councilmember in the City of Santa Maria. He is a first-generation American who moved here with his family from San Martin de Hidalgo, Jalisco, Mexico, pursuing the American Dream. Like many in the community, he and his family arrived with a bag full of hopes and dreams. He knows from experience what dedication it takes to labor in the broccoli fields, how exhausting it is working as a cashier during the night shift, being a cook, and being a server in a hotel banquet department.  For Carlos, to serve as a board member for the Boys & Girls Club of Mid Central Coast represents a great opportunity to give back to the community for all the support he has received. He is a big believer that the formation of individuals determines the kind of society we build. Carlos is convinced that the work carried out within the Boys and Girls Clubs plays a very important role in the development of new generations. Mr. Escobedo is a resident of Northwest Santa Maria and is a neighbor of the Santa Maria Clubhouse.  

Phil Hansen recently retired as Chief of Police for the City of Santa Maria.  Prior to his service in Santa Maria, Phil served for 36 years in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He has an extensive background in tactical operations and critical incident command, and remains active in consulting and authoring articles regarding principles of ethical leadership. Phil lives in Arroyo Grande with his wife of 47 years, Debra.  He believes that serving with the Boys and Girls Club will be a valuable way to contribute to this community where they feel very blessed to live.   

Chad Jordan has been honored to serve the Central Coast since moving here 30 years ago. Chad was awarded the 2019 “Internet Marketer of the Year” from the Internet Marketing Association. During that time, he has volunteered on the Boards of various non-profits, including churches, soccer clubs and restaurant associations. Chad has also launched a number of businesses locally, and is currently the Sales Director for a SoCal-based digital marketing company, Soci. A father of 3, Chad has been married to his college sweetheart for 22 years and counting. Chad is passionate about empowering the youth of our community, especially through sports and team-building activities.

“With these dynamic volunteers, who bring a diverse set of skills and experiences, Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast is well positioned to meet our strategic expansion goals into the San Luis Obispo region. These gentlemen have the experience serving children and their community that we demand from our leaders.  I am excited to work with them on our upcoming expansion projects and am grateful for their support,” shares Nadine Sullivan, Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the organization.  

For more information about volunteer service for Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast contact Chief of Culture & Equity, Meghan Harris via email at [email protected] or call 805-226-5534.