In Remembrance of Logan Castillo

My member highlight goes out to Logan Castillo. He came to us every day, plugged in, and logged on. I would sit with him and type his work for him as his teacher rushed all her students through the lessons while he would read aloud to me while taking it easy. He was a twin of Lainey and brother to Logan, son to Leo and Katie, who are huge supporters of BGC. No one knew that he was battling cancer. He had an amazing smile, and if he liked you, you knew; if he did not, you knew. So many memories of him stand out as I have gotten to know him and his family over these past two years. He is the only member that had his own drawer behind the counter at the club and would make his spot known. Logan sadly lost his life to cancer after just finding out he had it. Logan was smart, sweet, fun, and silly. He loved reading and always had a hand puppet on his left hand. He was an incredible kid that will be 10 forever and who will always love Star Wars. Rest in Paradise, Logan, and we will miss you!

Jillian Shumate Gunderson
North SLO Area Director