Martin Luther King Jr Appreciated at Railroad Club

Club Members at our Railroad Club have been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a few different learning opportunities over the course of the month.  In one activity they made a giant, colored puzzle and in another they all reflected on their dreams for their community and how the kinds of careers they might choose could make positive impacts on our world.  

In a different activity, they studied some of Dr. Kings speeches and most famous quotes.  One of the kids’ favorites is “Peace Is Not Merely A Distant Goal That We Seek, But A Means By Which We Arrive At The Goal……. ”  They had discussions like, What is Equality? What is Peace?  Some of their observations included:  Peace is to get up in the morning and be welcomed  with a smile by mommy & daddy, haveing good friends that you can play & have fun with, having dreams that one day may come true. They all agreed,every child in this world wants those things.

To continue reflecting on these concepts, they made “peace flowers” because flowers can change as they grow–just like kids–and when most people see flowers it makes them peaceful.  Dr. King and his legacy provided so much opportunity for discussion and thoughtfulness this year.