Member Monday-Alek

Meet our member Alek.  He has been a member since he was six years old and still loves to attend. He is a fifth grader and is eleven years old. Alek posesses many great skills, but the most important one is his great leadership skill. He is patient, outgoing, and extremely kind. He is the first to volunteer in helping someone out. He enjoys setting up for different programs and is always thrilled about being an example to members on how to succeed. Being outdoors is one of the activities Alek loves most. His extreme athleticism and drive always encourages the rest of the members to participate. One of his all time favorite sports is basketball. His aspirations and goals are to one day try out and join a basketball team for college and then play professional ball with the NBA. Alek is grateful for the club and explained if he wasn’t at the club he wouldn’t be having fun anywhere else.