Member Monday–Jorge!

Meet Jorge a long time Club Member who has re-joined the program now that the Ron Estabillo Club has re-opened in Guadalupe.  Jorge started coming to the original Club when he was 6 years old.  When the clubhouse had to close for renovations and retrofitting, Jorge had nowhere to go after school.  Now that the new and improved clubhouse re-opened in February, long time Club staff were thrilled to see Jorge again!  

Jorge was pretty isolated during the pandemic and missed the friends and activities he so enjoyed as a Club Member.  Jorge is now 14 and a freshman in highschool.  With the free membership made available to all teens thanks to the Stollmeyer Challenge, Jorge is back to the Club afterschool on a regular basis.  He enjoys all of the different activities–especially the new gym.  He admits that coming to the Club has helped with his social skills, how to work better with others, and how to have fun while he continues to learn.