New Playhouse Is a Highlight at the Tom Maas Club

We are so grateful for the partnership with Habitat for Humanity San Luis Obispo County who recently provided an adorable playhouse for our outdoor space at our Tom Maas Clubhouse in Paso Robles.  This is a unique project led by the local Habitat for Humanity to provide custom, wooden playhouses for families and organizations in need. Our playhouse was even painted by a Habitat for Humanity family who is in the process of receiving their house in Paso Robles, very near to the Tom Maas Clubhouse too!  

The Playhouse Build program brings together creative volunteers and generous sponsors to build joy in our community. By sponsoring a playhouse, donors support the mission of Habitat for Humanity and provide local children with a space to play, create, and call their own. The one-day events are great team-building opportunities that are customizable, flexible, and provide a convenient, rewarding outcome.

Our Club Members were thrilled and couldn’t wait to use their imaginations to play “house” when they arrive to the Club and saw it for the first time!