Not Too Late to Make a Difference in 2022

With the holidays all around us, we hope everyone is focused on the hope and joy in our lives.

Thankfully, both are plentiful at the Boys & Girls Club of Mid Central Coast. Our Clubs provide a lot of  good news for our Members.  Club kids on the Central Coast benefit from great programs like Smart Girls, Wise Guys, Torch Club—a community service opportunity for local kids, Power Hour–where they can focus on homework in a safe and focused setting to just healthy games and activities in a fun environment.    

From older kids spending time with younger kids to Club Members volunteering to clean up local parks, to experimenting with healthy recipes and cooking, our Club Members are modeling the change they want to see in the world.

The next generation is truly our greatest gift.

When kids have Clubs and Clubs have you, there is always hope for a great future.

This holiday season and always, thank you for supporting the Club and Club kids. After all, they’re the only next generation we’ve got.

Please make your 2022 gift today!