Maria Fabula

Maria believes in the power of the social sector to advance change and holds a deep commitment to solving the systemic causes of poverty. She has spent her career connecting nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, business leaders, government representatives and engaged community members to increase their collective impact.

Having grown up on the CentralCoast, Maria is deeply passionate about our community and thrilled to be part of an organization with such a rich history of empowering youth.

Maria earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from the University of Colorado Denver.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Maria cherishes her roles as a devoted partner, and mother to Christian, Bella and Noah. Her heart finds happiness in various activities, including hiking, leisurely beach strolls, culinary explorations of diverse cuisines, and venturing to new and unexplored destinations. Her blended heritage of English, Irish, Mexican, and Native American roots, enhances her cultural identity and broadens her perspectives.

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