Programs Team Has Big Plans This Fall

The heartbeat of the Boys & Girls Club—our education professionals who plan and implement all of the high quality programming and activities that help Club Members stay engaged, reach goals, and make healthy choices—have been working for weeks to design programs that really ensure that “Great Futures Start Here!”  Anna Libbon, Director of Programs and her staff met over the recent weeks to review the proven programming provided by Boys & Girls Clubs of America as well as develop unique programs and activities suited to our area.  All of our core areas are covered—whether Club members want to try their hand at art-making, learn some new physical activities, explore an interest in science, math, engineering, or want to learn about leadership and develop their good characters, there is something for everyone.  Our keystone program, Power Hour, is offered at every Club, Monday through Thursday.

Fall programming has already begun but it’s never too late to become a Member.  Clubs are open every afternoon Monday – Friday.  Full day programming will be available during out-of-school hours like Winter break and most teacher in-service days.