Shandon Is Back On Beat With Drumming Sessions

Shandon Members enjoy their time discovering how beats match with syllables with the instructor, Alice Tomasini who’s also a musician and professor from Cal Poly. Every Monday at 4pm, 20 of our 3rd-6th graders attend an 8-week long program called Infinite Music where Members engage in rhythmic activities to exercise core values in teamwork, respect and focus as well as enhancing math fundamentals of basic counting and fractions; and the introduction of frequencies, intervals, and harmonics. Students learn the excitement of world music and drumming as well as the Caribbean, African, and Latin-American cultures of rhythm. This program is also effective in helping kids with their self-expression. Members also practice their fine and gross motor skills as well as their auditory skills during these sessions. It is fun to watch the Members engage in the sessions and learn how to drum, as a group, along to a beat!