Staff Vs. Teletubbies

For our weekly Fun Friday’s at Tom Maas, we had a special game planned for our 4th & 5th grade members! Staff organized an exciting fun competition, where two of our staff members would compete against all 4th & 5th graders, and if members won the challenges, they would win a Pizza Party.

There were so many different challenges where members could compete against staff. The first challenge was 4-in-a-Row, where various cups were laid out and the objective was to land a ping pong in 4 cups. Another challenge was Cup Flip, where 10 cups are laid out upside down and the goal is to be the first to flip all 10 cups to stand. They also played Balloon Release, where 5 cups are laid out, each competitor is given a balloon, and when it’s go time, each competitor will fill up the balloon with as much air as they can , and use that air to blow the cups off the table, the one who manages to complete challenge first wins.  

There was many more challenges staff and members competed in, and ultimately it was Staff who won this competition, but Members are happy to hear, that they’re still getting a Pizza Party! Those who competed had so much fun, and Members were so thoroughly invested you could hear them cheering from rooms away.