Taco Bell Foundation Increases Funding

Taco Bell Foundation has been a supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs Mid Central Coast’s Career Launch program for teens since 2013 with an average donation of $10,000 annually. This year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast was granted $50,000 for Career Launch.

Career Launch is an educational program specifically benefiting adolescents ages 13-18 (Junior High and High School students). Adolescents in our community often lack the resources, guidance, and skills needed to explore and enter the college and career readiness stages of life. The Career Launch program was first implemented in 2016 at our Railroad Unit Teen Center and has been a popular and growing program since. Thus, Career Launch is, and will continue to be a premier program offered to our Teens from Santa Maria to the Paso Robles area.

Due to growing demand, the program is in need of further resources and adequate space. Our Teen programs will offer updated tools and technology crucial to running the Career Launch Program at optimal potential. The program will be offered year-round, staffed accordingly, and have the updated materials and equipment needed for a successful outcome. Career Launch trains and prepares our teens/young adults in regards to decision making, problem-solving, critical thinking, and self-exploration of talents. Teens will benefit from social interactions with peers, where together they can communicate ideals, values, challenges, and practice team-building and problem-solving skills. The Career Launch program prepares participants for adulthood by guiding them to a career/college path. Our staff members understand that when teens in our community have nowhere to connect in a positive and empowering environment, they feel disconnected. Many teens spend hours online being “social” but have no actual connections with those they communicate with.