Teens Explore Latino Culture and Heritage

Every Friday as part of the continued celebration of the Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month, Members of our teen program are immersing themselves in the rich cultural history, music, food, language, art and traditions of the Hisapnic-Latino communities.  Teens kicked off their Fun Fridays after with several rounds of Loteria all while listening to some favorite contemporary music in Spanish.  In addition, they had an opportunity to make their own quesadillas as well as esquite (Mexican Street Corn).

Our Fun Fridays continued these last couple of weeks with Salvadoran pupusa and pastries tasting, DIY mini pinata making, Frida Kahlo collage art, famous Hispanic/Latinos scavenger hunt and traditional Mexican candy tasting.  Our Teens are encouraged to explore their own culture while also appreciating the differences and beauty of other Hispanic-Latino cultures through our Fun Friday activities.