Ultimate Journey Takes Flight at Railroad Club

The Ultimate Journey Program is one of the evidence-based, high quality programs developed by Boys and Girls Club of America.  It is a high yield program in which all areas of development are enhanced. It primarily focuses on our environment and what we can do to protect it. For example, discussing the importance of recycling. The children will participate in planned activities twice per week that are specifically targeted to bring awareness about our community and our environment as a whole.  Club Staff is looking forward to introducing and implementing the program activities for the next eight weeks!

In the inaugural session, Club Members engaged in making paper airplanes while we discussed what recycled materials they were using to make their airplane and how they thought incorporating pieces of straw would hold their airplanes up and would make them fly better.Children then participated in flying their airplanes. We measured and timed how long they flew and how long they were in the air. Incorporating a discussion of the natural world, we then discussed the physical features of birds that enable them to fly and discussed the simulation of birds soaring.