Women’s Group Throws a “Shower” for the Tom Maas Club

Sue Runkle–BGCMCC board member and lead team member on the committee to build the new Tom Maas Clubhouse–is a member of a Ladies Bible Study that really demonstrated the importance of giving!  This group has followed Sue on her journey to build this important Club for local youth and enjoyed hearing about the progress.  When Sue mentioned that we needed to stock two kitchen stations–The Teaching Kitchen being a major highlight of the new facility–the ladies decided to throw a “shower”.

They all pitched in and provided just about everything you can think of. A coffee pot and filters, cutting boards, dishes, flatware, plastic ware, mixing bowls, oven mitts, mugs, towels, spatulas, tongs, knives, muffin tins, cookie sheets and so much more. Not only did they stock the kitchen, they cleaned the drawers, put down shelf paper, and washed EVERYTHING. And then, because that wasn’t enough, on the day of the grand opening, some of them came back, and cleaned the entire Maas Club. Every desk, every chair, every table, every counter, every bathroom. These ladies came from all over North SLO to help out, because they love what BGCMCC does for kids.  

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