Youth Helping Youth

The students from Must! Charities Youth Board, did a fantastic job volunteering and raising funds for multiple nonprofits this year. Three of the students volunteered at Tom Maas and enjoyed interacting with our staff and students. The Youth Board selected the Tom Maas Clubhouse as one of the nonprofits they wanted to support as part of their efforts.

The students were so impressed at the number of families we serve through our Paso Club. Based on their volunteer experience, they felt the club could use more art supplies and craft materials for all the creative things we do with the kids.

We were thrilled when they presented their donation check to us at the Tom Maas Clubhouse.  

Must! Charities manages social giving that inspires and creates lasting solutions to critical community needs. In addition to the funding provided by their Youth Board, our Club in Creston is made possible by Must! Charities.