Author: Jordan Armer

Creston’s Outdoor Activities

Staff and Members at the Creston Club have been taking advantage of the nice weather lately by engaging in fun outdoor activities.  The Members really enjoyed playing “Lava Monster”, which is a kind of freeze tag.  They have so much fun trying to run away from the Lava Monsters or figuring out ways to save… Read more »

Water Day In Creston

With temperatures rising, Staff at the Creston Club decided to surprise their Members with a full day outside filled with fun water activities.  Members had fun playing in the discovery den where they were able to water plants or cool themselves off with a couple of splashes.  They also enjoyed creating fun designs with chalk,… Read more »

Power Hour at Creston Club

Reading has become a lot more interesting since the sun has pushed away the gray clouds and its cold weather.  The Members at the Creston club have taken a new liking to reading outside.  Some favored reading spots are in the shade, under a tree, on the grass out in the sun, or even on… Read more »

Creston Clubs Little Gardeners

At the Creston Club, our Members were welcomed to a gardening activity put on by their school.  They took part in fun activities such as painting a little picket fence with each other, pulling weeds, cleaning the planters, planting strawberries, and checking off their gardening checklist as they went on.  With all of their hard… Read more »

Sweet Surprises in Creston

Members at the Creston Club had the opportunity to take part in the National Youth  Outcome Initiative (NYOI) survey just a few weeks ago.  In doing so, the members had a sweet surprise coming their way.  Staff at the Creston Club wanted to thank their Members for taking the time to complete the survey with… Read more »

Creston Club Hops into Spring Programs

At the Creston Club, Staff are introducing their new programs to their Members.  For starters, we have Mr. Will running his Ultimate Journey program with some of the Members.  This program is about taking care of and appreciating the natural environment.  Members were so eager to write down their pledge and decorate the poster with… Read more »

Fun Fridays at the Creston Club

Fun Fridays at the Creston Boys and Girls Club consist of many exciting activities.  For starters, the Members get outside play which can involve interactive games such as flag football, shadow tag, dodgeball, lava monster, or anything that comes to their wild imaginations.  We also like to run calmer but artistic activities inside.  These include… Read more »