Author: Kevin Teran

What's Good Y'all

Flamson Members Participate in Cookies with Kids

Members along with community members shared an activity that supports our Healthy Lifestyles programming involving a mystery box with various fruits, and vegetables. Those with a magic touch and great feel have to guess what they are holding. In the end cookies for everyone! Cookies & Kids came back to Flamson! This second installment  featured… Read more »

Flamson Clubhouse Members Take On The National Youth Outcome Initiative

NYOI is HERE! Our Club Members at the Flamson Club, are working on our National Youth Outcome Initiative, a survey experience for our  Members age 9 and up.  Offered annually every Spring, the purpose of the survey to to gauge the member’s feelings and experiences at the Club.  All of our Clubs offer this survey… Read more »

Flamson Torch Club Members Help Clean Up Their School

Our very own Torch Clubbers are taking environmental protection into their own hands by doing a clean-up day! This group lead by our fabulous Ms. Lynea ventured to the nearby Flamson Middle School where the members were able to clean up their own school with the help of some useful tools. This was part of… Read more »

The World Through the Eyes of Club Members

We had Berry Goyette, who is a SLO based photographer, visit the Flamson for a project he is working on. He was capturing pictures of the member’s eyes. The photo shoot lasted about an hour and we were able to get 40 plus members get their photos taken. The members loved having their picture taken… Read more »